Monday, October 1, 2012

1985 BMW 325e Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Guide

Its a step by step guide to replace timing belt and water pump on BMW 325e 1985 model years. I hope these pictures will help it all make sense. I took them as I was doing the job. Removal: The Fan & Clutch, the water pump pulley, the distributor cap & rotor and the drive belts. Remember, the 32mm nut opens CLOCKWISE as you look at the car. I used Channel-Locks and a strap wrench to hold the pulley still. I also used the strap wrench to hold the water pump pulley while I removed its 4 retaining bolts. Remove the 6 hex bolts from the crankshaft pulley, and remove it and the vibration damper behind it from the car. The vibration damper is indexed and has no separate bolts. The track came out very clean… everything was ready for re-assembly.

Download pdf document

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