Monday, October 1, 2012

1989 Toyota 4Runner Engine Removal and Overhaul Manual

Removal, overhaul and installation procedures (when given by manufacturer) are covered in this section. If component removal and installation is primarily an unbolt and bolt on procedure, a simple tightening specification will be suspected. Carburetor removal, Drain cooling system. Disconnect air intake hose. Disconnect emission control hoses from air cleaner. Remove air cleaner mounting bolt and wing nut. Remove air cleaner. Remove air cleaner setting bolt. Remove fuel pipe clamp, union, fuel pipe and gaskets. Remove vacuum hoses. Remove pump and pivot screw and pump arm with connecting link. Disconnect choke link and choke opener link. Disconnect link and remove secondary throttle valve diaphragm assembly and gasket. Remove throttle position switch and bracket. Remove 3 body-to-flange screws and vacuum passage screw.

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