Saturday, October 13, 2012

1995 Yamaha SZR660 Service Manual

All the procedures suggested in this manual are arranged in a sequential, step by step order. The information is written in such a way as to provide the mechanic with a handy, easy to read reference containing explanations on all disassembly,repair,assembly and inspection operations. The simplest disassembly and reassembly sequences are shown in an exploded drawing of the parts and a table in which the parts themselves are numbered in progressive order of disassembly. Follow the numbers progressively to perform the disassembly sequence. The table also includes notes to facilitate operations. Exploded diagrams : in some chapters the disassembly section is preceded by exploded diagrams, These are designed to aid identification of components for proper assembly procedures themselves.

Table of Content: General Information, Technical specification, periodic inspection and adjustment, engine overhaul, cooling system, carburetor, chassis, electrical, troubleshooting. Engine inspection includes valve clearance adjustment, drive chain adjustment, idle speed adjustment, throttle cable free play adjustment, spark plug inspection, ignition timing check, compression inspection, engine oil level check, engine oil replacement, cooling system inspection. Electrical circuit diagram, problem diagnosis and many more. The complete Yamaha SZR660 service manual in pdf format consist of 207 pages.

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