Friday, October 5, 2012

Audi Air conditioning Does Not Cool Service Bulletin

This technical service bulletin is a simple document that explain step by step guide to troubleshoot your Air Conditioning on Audi Vehicle (does not cool), you’ll learn step by step explanation complete with illustration. Air conditioning doesn’t cool. Only 2006 and 2007 A3 models equipped with Zexel air conditioning compressors with the part number 1K0 820 803N are affected. This compressor type can be identified by the pulley shown in Figure 1. Technical Background: There may be one of two possible problems with Zexel air conditioning compressors. Obstruction: A/C compressor control valve N280 in the air conditioning compressor is obstructed by metal debris, and the compressor generates no pressure. With the engine running and air conditioning switched on, the center bolt (Figure 1, Point 2) doesn’t rotate with the pulley. As a result, the compressor is not driven, and pressure is not generated when the air conditioning is switched on. Diagnose the compressor regulator valve N280 according to ElsaWeb>>Heating and Air Conditioning>>Heating and Air Conditioning>>87 Air Conditioner>>A/C refrigerant system components, servicing>>A/C Compressor Regulator Valve N280 activation and function, checking. If N280 is found to be faulty, the compressor must be replaced as A/C compressor control valve N280 cannot be replaced separately.


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