Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ford/Chrysler Seal and Wheel Bearing Replacement manual

The SKF Seal and Bearing lnstallation Guide (SKF #457809) covers the removal and installation of SKF seals and bearings on front and rear wheel drive passenger cars. Applications include: • Front axle seals and bearings • Rear axle seals and bearings • Pinion seals Installation instructions also are provided for SKF Speedi-Sleeves—uItra thin, stainless steel wear sleeves used to repair scored or seal-worn shafts.

Sub Topic:

- General Tips for Proper Seal and Bearing Maintenance
- Inspection and Cleaning
- Front Wheel Reassembly
- Bearing Adjustment
- Bearing/Seal Removal
- Bearing/Seal Installation
- Rear Wheel Reassembly
- Pinion Seal Replacement

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