Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hyundai Terracan Body Repair Manual

The Hyundai Terracan is a completely new vehicle design. During its development, close attention has been given safety, stability, weight and corrosion protection. Typical of unit body design, the Hyundai Terracan is designed so that the front and rear compartments will absorb much of the collision energy so that the passengers are better protected. The repairs described in this manual were performaed on Terracan body shells. In some instances special fixtures were welded in place to support the structure. During the repair of an actual vehicle, the interior would be fully disassembled and standard jack screws or portable braces may be used for temporary support.

Content of this manual : General guidelines and precautions, srs airbag, electronic parts, corrosion protection and sealing, side body panels, welding. Body construction, body components, zinc-galvanized steel panels,high strength steel panels, front body, side body, floor, roof, hood and fender, tail gate, door. Replacement Parts, front body, side body, rear body, door. Body panel repair procedure, assembly and disassembly. Body sealing location, corrosion protection. Complete body repair manual in pdf format consist of 137 pages.

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