Friday, November 16, 2012

1991 Volvo 440/460 electrical installation schematic diagram

The Volvo 400 and 460 are family car with a 5-door front wheel drive hatchback, produced by the Swedish automaker volvo car. Both versions had an engine Renault of 1.7 litres in the launch. Version turbo offers 122 HP (91 kW) and an announced top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).The schematic diagram of the electrical installation of 1991 Volvo 440 and 460 series components from the list that is included in this scheme are: acting fuse box, box relays, inhibitor relay, relay ignition relay, air conditioning, double circle of relay, detector lamp, auxiliary relay water pump failure, the air valveignition of oil temperature, pre heating of carburetor, point diagnostic test, air valve, fan nozzle and many more, all mentioned above are only part of the components. This document is available for download in pdf format consist of 31 pages.

get 1991 Volvo 440/460 electrical installation schematic diagram

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