Friday, November 16, 2012

1992 Volvo 940 owner's manual and maintenance procedure

You should also familiarize yourself with the information in the first three chapters before operating the car. Information contained in the balance sheet of the manual is extremely useful and should study after using the vehicle for the first time. The Handbook is structured so that it can be used as a reference. Therefore it must be kept in the car for easy access. This manual is divided into several sections as follows: instruments, switches and controls, grille air, headlights, parking lights, emergency lighting, heating and air conditioning, space for additional equipment. Front seats heated electrically, starting (on) switch/address locking the wheel. Body and interior, seats, belts, safety, doors, sunroof, mirrors, etc. are described on the following pages. Doors and locks, front seats, traseros-vista / side mirrors, safety locks of the child, trunk (sedan), tailgate rear/Lockdown (wagon), cushions extraction, burden of fixing. Rim lighting load space, spare, Jack (truck). The occupant, seat 3: 2 safety straps 3 Volvo SRS 3: 6 3: 9 safety of the occupant of the safety of the child 3: 9 security defects reports. 4: 1 Starting up and driving, 4: 2 fuel requirements, recharge economy of driving in 4: 3 4: 4 Helen 4 transmission motor 4: 5: 10 points to remember 4: 12 emergency tow vehicle trailer information 4: 14 4: 13 jump heading 4: 15 cold precautions 4: 16 tow a trailer 4: 17 4 brakes: 18 before a long distance trip 4: 19 vehicle storage 4: 20 ABS wheels and tyres, an emergency car care: rust, washing the car, Volvo 8 service: 2 Volvo 8 service maintenance program: 4 oil 8: 5, 8: 7, 8: 12 service fluid for power steering, brake fluid 8: 13 transmission coolant 8: 14 8: 15 lubrication, fluid body 8: 16 Unit 8: 17 the engine compartment belts. Specifications of 9: 1. This user manual available for download in pdf format consist of 165 pages.


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