Friday, November 16, 2012

2008 Volvo V70 & XC70 Owner Manual

Volvo V70 manufactured since 1996, its a mid-size five door station wagon, over 80% of Volvo V70s are sold in Europe. The V70 XC received a major upgrade on its suspension and equipped with a soaring 8.2? min. ground clearance. This sets its versatility to a whole new level. For this reason, this year model of V70 XC even attracts buyers from SUV buyers of various manufacturers. These the Volvo VOLVO V70 & XC70 owner manual, please read this book before your dive your car.

Contain information about :
1. Introduction: Important information, Environment.
2. Safety Safety in the passenger compartment, Safety mode, Child safety
3. Locks and alarm Remote control key/key blade, Privacy locking Battery replacement, remote control key/PCC, Keyless drive,
Locking/unlocking, Child safety locks, Alarm.
4. Your driving environment :Instruments and controls, Ignition positions, Seats, Steering wheel, Lighting Wipers and washing, Windows, rearview and door mirrors Power sunroof Starting the engine Gearboxes All Wheel Drive – AWD (All Wheel Drive) Foot brake Hill Descent Control (HDC) Parking brake.
5. Comfort and driving pleasure Menus and messages Climate control Audio system Trip computer Compass DSTC –Stability and traction control system Adapting driving characteristics Cruise control Adaptive cruise control Collision warning system with brake
support Parking assistance BLIS* –Blind Spot Information System Comfort inside the passenger compartment Built-in phone.
6. During your journey Recommendations during driving Refuelling Fuel Loading Cargo area Warning triangle Driving with a trailer
7. Maintenance and specifications Engine compartment Lamps Wiper blades and washer fluid Battery Fuses Wheels and tyres
Car care Type designations Specifications.
8. Index

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