Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fiat 500 Owner Manual (Handbook)

This Owner Handbook describes all the versions of the Fiat 500, As a consequence, you should consider only the information which is related to the engine and bodywork version of the car you purchased. Dashboard : The presence and position of the controls, the instruments and the indicators may vary according to the versions. Symbols Special coloured labels have been attached near or actually on some of the components of your car. These labels bear symbols that remind you of the precautions to be taken as regards that particular component. The inner surface of the engine bonnet includes a label with the different symbols used. The Fiat Code system This is an electrical engine locking system which increases protection from attempted theft of the car. It is automatically activated when the ignition key is extracted. Each time the car is started turning the ignition key to MAR, the Fiat CODE system control unit sends a recognition code to the engine control unit to deactivate the inhibitor. Replacement remote control placement To replace the remote control cover, follow the procedure shown in figure. Instrument panel and on-board instrument Versions with multifunctional display.

The car can be equipped with the multifunctional/ multifunctional reconfigurable display that, according to the settings made, will show useful information necessary when driving. Menu function, seats All adjustments must be made with the car stationary. Lift lever A and push the seat forwards and backwards: your arms should rest on the steering wheel rim while you are driving. Driver side and passenger side where position memory is provided. Steering wheel It can be adjusted vertically (where provided). For adjustment. bring the lever A-fig. 24 downward to position 2 then position the wheel and lock it bringing lever A to position 1. Heating and ventilation, manual climate control system, external light, window washing, ceiling light, interior fitting, fixed glass sunroof, safety device, correct use of the car : Starting the engine, handbrake, using the manual gearbox, containing running costs, towing trailers, snow treys, snow chair. Warning light and messages. In an Emergency. Car maintenance, scheduled service, regular inspection, service schedule table. Engine oil consumption, Technical specification, index.


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