Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FIAT Spider 124 Type BS Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram provided herein is presented first in the original, “all wires” format, and subsequently with one drawing per wire color. Given the numerous wiring colors and the density of wiring in the main diagram it is highly recommended to use a color printer of sufficient resolution and high quality paper for best output. The diagrams in this document are entirely vector-based. This means that they can be scaled to virtually any size and printed from computers that run Adobe Acrobat. The wiring diagram explain location of Front direction Indicators, Front parking lights,Headlamps (high and low beams ), Motor compress or for electro pneumatic horns, Horn control relay switch, Engine cooling fan motor, Ignition coil, Oil Pressure Gauges ending unit, Ignition Distributor, Engine fan motor thermostatic switch, Insufficient Oil Pressure indicator sending unit, Button switch for electro valve energizing during fast idle rate adjustments. Electro valve, exhaust emission control device, Battery charge Indicator relay. Engine fan motor relay switch, Switch, on the hydraulic circuit, for indicator 57. Wind shield wiper Intermittent operation cycling switch unit.

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