Friday, November 16, 2012

Function and design of Volkswagen automatic transmission

Book design and function of Volkswagen 6 speed automatic transmission is a document covers everything about automatic 6 speed transmission G 09/09 M, which is installed on the following vehicles: 2005 Passat Jetta/New Beetle, Passat, 2006, 2006. Introduction, selector lever: positions of the Selector lever and the operation, the 2004 design Selector lever Golf, design of the Selector lever in 2004 Eurovan, elimination in 2004 key lock Golf, elimination of key on lock in 2004 Eurovan. Design of transmission, transmission 09 G section, section Pistons - schematic, Planetarium/change elements, torque converter, torque converter locking clutch, source of the ATF, lubrication, section - transmission automatic transmission, Park block, hydraulic Control, wide flow. General system description, example: Golf 2004. Dynamic change DSP mode Sport "s", mode, emergency power program J217 Transmission Control module (TCM),
Towing, lock boot, light reversing sensors, actuators, solenoid, valves of pressure Control electric, Golf 2004 functional diagram, diagram functional 2004 EuroVan, Golf 2004 can cable connections. Self-diagnostics, diagnostic. Service. Special tools. Glossary.

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