Friday, November 16, 2012

Volkswagen Beetle Light bulb Manual

High and low beam lamps are light bulbs H1. This information can be found in the owner's manual or the manual of Bentley for the New Beetle. Do not depend on catalogs store or market of accessories auto parts suppliers tell you anything different. When you take out the bulb, you must have "H1? stamped on base metal or glass engravings. Low beam is a 55 watt bulb, and dazzling is 60 watts. Before removing the headlight housings, if a blown fuse in the first place, since lighthouses in these cars circuits are merged. The fuse is located in the fuse panel regular inside the car, on the left side of the dash behind the removable cover. Open the hood. Locate the seam between the nozzle and the front fender (both sides). Go up between first two mounting bolts of the fender and look through a few centimeters. See a small knob excels in you? It is a lever for the headlight Assembly. Lightly press in and pull up as much as the lever. Once you have the Cape lighthouse, detach the connector from the back of the box and take the lighthouse somewhere where it is easy to work on. Put in a pillow or something soft so that you don't risk to scratch the lens.

Replacement of lamps

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