Friday, November 16, 2012

Volkswagen Golf 1996 air conditioner wiring diagrams and extraction procedure

Your air conditioning - guide of replacement of the heater system and diagrams of wiring for a 1995-1996 VW vehicle which could be applied for Cabrio, Golf, GTI, Golf III, Jetta & Jetta III. Here you get explanation about the heating of air conditioning systems and location diagrams. Temperature flap in the cable setting, make sure cable is connected to the A/C-estufa control panel and the panel is installed. Remove cable sleeve clamp (cable gland is blue). Disconnect the cable from the central door lever. Adjust the distribution of air flow knob to defrost position. Plug the cable into the central door lever. Push the lever in the arrow direction until it stops. Test: Make sure that bubbles are present in the oil sight glass. See Figure 1. Connect the gauge for service valves set. Press the button of air conditioning standard. Position blower motor in second speed. System is fine if the temperature of the air in central vent is less than 50of (10oc) after a minute and within specification system operating pressures. Dismounting mounting & discharge air conditioning system using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment. Remove the front bumper. Remove the instrument panel and bracket. See instrument PANEL. Remove the evaporator housing. Exploded view of components of A/C-heater system. Instrument panels. Exploded view of the evaporator housing.

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