Friday, November 16, 2012

Volvo service to - 40 automatic transmission manual

The A-40 series of transmissions is covered in this manual. In the section tear down and Assembly use a transmission A-43D. We refer to the different valve body configurations in your case. Although the A-40, 41 has no overdrive unit, the Assembly is quite similar. Section index: troubleshooting, disassembly, group of components, pump, overdrive, overdrive case input shaft clutch front, rear clutch, Center support, planetary gear set, case of transmission, Assembly, body of the valve seals, technical changes, identification. Table discolored liquid or smells burnt, vehicle does not move in any range of unit. Move the lever position incorrect hard commitment at any range of unit. Step by step disassembly guide remove cable clamp of wiring and throttle, remove the solenoid and o-rings, remove the shifter handle, remove neutral start switch, remove speedometer driven gear, remove the oil pump, remove rotor, key ring and snap of the output shaft sensor, remove tray, and gasket, remove solenoid and many more wiringThis guide's automatic transmission services consist of 104 pages in pdf format.


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