Friday, November 16, 2012

Vortex Aircooled DIY installation Manual brake light switch

The following procedure applies to switches brake light of most recent 4pin with the next part #s - 945 511, 511 945 1J0 1J0 and 945 511 1J0 (the latest version - if you buy a new switch will surely had it ' version that replaces all previous versions). Does not apply if you have an old-style light switch brake with part # 1J0 945 511 and, then, the special installation following procedure. See the procedure at the end of this DIY for installing this switch. Introduction, switch installation: before installing a new brake light switch, first make sure that the switch is in its unlocked state (as described above) and the plunger is fully extended (aprox. 1). The bracket that holds the brake light switch is indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below. Note that the hole in the bracket is not symmetrical, and as a result, the switch can only have be inserted one way. Push down on the brake pedal as soon as possible. If not going down enough, start the car temporarily release the brake pedal, and then turn off the car. As always, this procedure at your own risk. I am not liable for errors in the previous procedure, or to interpret it.

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