Thursday, December 13, 2012

Auto Transmission Problem Diagnosis 1996 Mercedes-Benz C220

Valve body receives inputs from selector lever position, mode selector switch, accelerator pedal position (control pressure), intake manifold vacuum, kickdown function (if activated) and vehicle speed. Primary and secondary pump : Primary pump is housed in front transmission cover and is driven by engine through torque converter. Primary pump operates as long as engine is turning, and supplies pressurized oil to entire hydraulic system. Drive of secondary pump is switched off by cut-off piston, by means of primary pump pressure.

Secondary pump : Secondary pump is required only for towing and tow-starting vehicle. Working pressure circuit consists of working pressure control valve, basic pressure control valve, 2 two-way check balls, a modulating pressure relief valve, a one-way valve and restrictor. Working pressure circuit is controlled by position of accelerator pedal, vehicle speed, selector lever position, and gear engaged. The 2nd to 3rd gear upshift on some models is delayed 60-80 seconds to enable catalytic converter to reach its operating temperature quicker. Transmission troubleshooting. Incorrect modulating pressure. Transmission Slips When Starting Off In 1st Or 2nd. Transmission Slips During 2-3 Upshift Or Slips Initially. hydraulic pressure test, Modulating Pressure Test.

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