Sunday, December 2, 2012

Best Oil for Harley Davidson recomended

harley Davidson recommends both gear lube and motorcycle oils for their equipment and there are many different models with corresponding specific oil recommendations. The variety of recommendations can cause confusion and lack of confidence in making the correct AMSOIL lubricant recommendation. The following charts outline the proper sequence of product recommendations for the Harley Davidson products listed. Harley Davidson recommends SAE 60 or SAE 50 engine oil for Flat-head, Knucklehead, Panhead, and Shovelhead equipped bikes. AM-SOIL recommends AHR SAE 60 or MCV 20W-50 motorcycle engine oil for these vintage models.
AMSOIL SVT or SVO should be used in transmissions found on these models. Shovelhead is the only model with a chain case that is lubricated via engine oil. AMSOIL recommends MCV 20W-50 motorcycle oil in all 3 holes (engine, transmission, and primary chain case) on Evolution 1340 and all Twin Cam engines. AMSOIL recommends SVT as a secondary oil for the transmission, and SVO as an option for older transmissions. New seals are recommended where excessive leaking is evident. Ironhead, Evolution Sportsters and V-Rod use one lubricant for both the engine and transmission and AMSOIL recommends MCV motorcy-cle oil for this common sump.


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