Sunday, December 2, 2012

Enhanced Hyundai/Kia User Guide

this is Enhanced Hyundai/Kia User Guide The common problem for your Hyundai vehicle are :1. I can only connect to the engine and transmission systems. Please verify that you are using the 16pin to 16pin Hyundai/Kia Body and Chassis adaptor cable. Without it, most of the vehicle’s controllers will not be visible to our enhanced Hyundai/Kia option. 2. I select a system, but I keep getting the error that the system is not present or operating. I do have the adaptor cable inlined. Before a system is connected to, a network test is initiated to check if the controller is equipped and/or operating. If the warning appears please verify that controller is present. If you are sure it is, then try cycling the key and resetting controller.

Operation Instructions : The ScanTool will default to showing you any trouble codes that may be present on the vehicle. The software will decode the engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, and central body controllers for you. Please refer to Hyundai/Kia’s service site or another reference site for service information related to any reported trouble codes. Watching live data from your vehicle is very important to servicing your vehicle so we offer three ways to view it. The live data Meters, Grid, and Graph tabs operate the same as the basic kit. One thing to note is that some Hyundai/Kia controllers send multiple sensor responses in a single transmission, so you will see data update in “chunks”.

Enhanced Hyundai/Kia User Guide

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