Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ford Truck Diesel 60.L Engine Intake Manifold Removal Guide

This procedures can be applied for Ford 6.0L Diesel Engine, it’s contain step by step removal procedures complete with the illustration, before you remove the Intake Manifold make sure you have experienced technician and have all tolls needed. Here’s the step by step guide to remove Intake Manifold : Remove the auxiliary battery, Remove the cooling fan stator — 6.0L diesel engine. Remove the degas bottle. Remove the upper radiator hose. Remove the turbocharger-to-charge air cooler (CAC) duct. Remove the accessory drive belt, Remove the bolt and the accessory drive belt tensioner. Remove the bolts and position the heater hose tube aside. It’s need 41 step for the removal and installation finished.

Download Ford Truck Diesel 60.L Engine Intake Manifold Removal Guide here

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