Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ford Truck F250 Rear Brakes – Rotors and Pad Replacements Guide

Here’s the step by step instruction to remove rear brakes - rotors and pad for Ford F250 series, before you begin remove this following parts you need to prepare these following tools : brake pads, rotors, caliper slide pins, and potentially a “hardware kit” with new caliper clips and pin boots, penetrating oil, either a 6” C-clamp, 12” “quick clamp”, or short pipe/bar clamp for compressing caliper pistons, ratchet and socket set (metric and SAE), small ¼” tubing and pint mason jar (for draining and capturing brake fluid from system), 5-gallon bucket or stiff wire (to support the caliper so that it does NOT hang suspended by its brake line). Instructions : START by jacking up the truck and removing only one tire. After spraying it down with penetrating oil detailed in the first two steps below, then remove the second tire and repeat the use of the penetrating oil.

This will give the oil a few minutes to begin working on the first wheel’s hardware before you begin tearing down thebrake system. NEXT, use the tubing and mason jar to bleed about 2/3 of the pint of brake fluid from the system. This will prevent you from making a mess when you work on inserting the new brake pads. To finish the jobs its need 24 steps and you’ll guided with pictures so you can easy to practice.
Ford Truck F250 Rear Brakes – Rotors and Pad Replacements Guide Download pdf document

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