Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hyundai Global Diagnostic System Manual guide

The new diagnostic system that developed by Hyundai Motor Corporation and Hyundai Motor America. The GDS is equipped with touch screen technology that simplifies your communication with the unit. The screen can be swiveled and locked into a flat exposed position so that the tool can be handled in a simplified manner. GDS supports powerful flight recording functions. • Wireless network support between Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) and Information Terminal creates greater unit mobility. Multiple users can use the tool without relocating the terminal. The Diagnosis mode is very powerful and designed with you in mind. We will look more specifically at a few diagnostic functions in this article. Vehicle Software Management Mode facilitates reflashes, VIN rewriting required on some control modules and vehicle software upgrades.

Setting and running “Fault Code Searching” function in the “Vehicle Selection” allows users to continue workflow on the primary system (denoted by a check mark on the vehicle selection process) while the GDS searches in the background for DTCs in all selected systems. DTC Analysis is a function that runs DTC diagnosis for control modules in a vehicle, and supports specific repair procedures for each DTC. Results appear when DTC diagnosis proceeds through the communication between a VCI and a vehicle control module. DTC list will be shown in the upper section and “Freeze Frame” will be shown in the lower section of the page if the control module in question supports the Freeze Frame function. AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE - NO MOVEMENT IN DRIVE OR REVERSE GEAR, REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1. Check for DTC in both the “Engine” and “Automatic Transaxle” menus: • If DTC are found, refer to TSB 05-40-008 or 04-40-020 for repair guidance. • If no DTC are found, go to Step 2.

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