Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mercedes Benz CL Class (CL 500/600/55 AMG) Owner’s Manual and Maintenance

Mercedes Benz CL Class is a luxury grand tourer automobile, the name CL was taken for the Comfort Leicht phrase. The present generation of the CL-Class, C216, is currently available in four models: CL 500 (CL 550 in some markets), CL 600, CL 63 AMG and CL 65 AMG. This Mercedes benz CL-class owner manual handbook contain essential information regarding vehicle features, safety/security guide, general maintenance and basic troubleshooting guide. This manual can be applied for this following series: CL 500, CL 600, CL 55 AMG.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction
- Safety and Security guide
- At A Glance
- Getting Started Guide
- Controls in detail
- Practical Hints:
- Lamps in instrument cluster
- Unlocking/locking in an emergency
- Opening/closing door in an emergency
- Bulbs replacement guide
- Fuse box in passenger
- Fuse box in engine
- Technical Data
- Terms
- Index

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