Sunday, December 2, 2012

Radio Removal and Installation Procedures in 1992-1996 Nissan Sentra

Content Inside: Overview Of This Radio Install, Remove old radio from dash, Wire the new radio, Mount the new radio, Finishing the installation, Basic DC electronics for automotive applications, Wire splicing: soldering vs. crimping, Why use radio installation kits, Mounting your radio to an installation kit, Why use an optional snap on wire harness, Wiring your new radio using a wire harness, Testing wires when installing a new radio. Pull out the ashtray. Locate and remove two (2) phillips screws located below the ashtray and cigarette lighter.

Locate and remove two (2) phillips screws located directly above the radio. You need to remove the plastic dash panel surrounding the gear shift area. This panel simply unsnaps by lifting it up with your hands. Wiring The New Radio, Mounting The Radio, Completing The Radio Installation, Step By Step Wiring, Wiring Instructions, Radio Wire & Color Code Information.
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