Sunday, December 2, 2012

Service Manual and Owner 2008 Honda Ridgeline

The medium-sized Honda Ridgeline vies for the title of the most innovative collection. All ridgelines 247 HP, with a five-speed automatic transmission and Honda's VTM-4 all-wheel drive system generate a 3, 5-litre V6 engine powered by. These operating instructions contain the most important information on the use of all Honda Ridgeline features, driving safety and basic mentioned Guide.

Table of contents:

-Your vehicle at a glance
Driver and passenger safety
Instruments and controls
Functions (audio, steering wheel in climate control)
Before of the ride
Maintenance procedures (MINDER, fluid check, smaller services and vehicle storage)
-Basic troubleshooting (common problems on the road)
-Technical information
-Authorized manuals

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