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Blower Circuits Diagram On Mazda

Below is a guide to Blower on mazda, please note that the system is similar to mazda cooling system in general.

1. Draw in BLUE the BLOWER CIRCUIT with the BLOWER in the LOW SPEED position.
2. Draw in GREEN the BLOWER CIRCUIT with the BLOWER in M1 SPEED position.
3. Draw in ORANGE the BLOWER CIRCUIT with the BLOWER in HIGH SPEED position.
4. Explain the difference between the HI SPEED circuit and ALL OTHER SPEEDS.


1. The HIGH SPEED blower works but none of the other speeds work.
Trace in RED the area(s) that could be at fault.
2. The LOW SPEED blower does not work. All other speeds work correctly.
Trace in BLUE the area(s) that could be at fault.
3. None of the blower speeds work. The A/C switch does light up when pushed.
Trace in GREEN the area(s) that could be at fault.
4. The ML (medium Low) speed does not work. All other speeds function correctly..
Trace in ORANGE the area(s) that could be at fault

Complete MAZDA Electrical Wiring Diagram

 Complete MAZDA Electrical Wiring Diagram
This guide was developed by Kevin R. Sullivan will be found in this guide is about Understanding Diagrams, Lighting Systems, Headlights, Turnsignals & Hazard, Stop Lights, Backup / Horn and many more. I have not had time to review the manual but you can download it here Complete MAZDA Electrical Wiring Diagram get here

Maytag Refrigerator wiring diagram

Still on the wiring diagram, in this discussion bnyak request to me to find MAYTAG refrigerator wiring diagram and I was lucky to find it for you. so no need to search anymore because I was able to and share here. to get a picture with large size please click on picture to clarify the diagram when there is a need to ask can contact via contact form.

Mazda b2600i Wiring diagram guide

Mazda b2600i Wiring diagram guide

Mazda b2600i Wiring diagram guide

Owner manual for mazda b2600i I have provided in my previous post this time sharing about B2600i mazda wiring diagram which of course would be required if you are the owner of the vehicle brand.

review contained in such diagrams and explanations which the location of the main battery fuse and carburetor. the diagram is also described for the control unit, drl and rear wheel abs control unit, inhibitor switch, starter, ignition switch, engine control unit, ec-at control units, engine control units, circuit opening relay, drl and rear wheel abs control unit , alternator, alternator until the instrument clusters. I guess b2600i mazda wiring diagram can be beneficial to you.

CQ Batteries Powersport Manual

CQ Batteries Powersport Manual
Use of motorcycle batteries in excess can lead to over-load or excess power and can lead to short-circuiting. Then a battery company never advised to use the battery outside the provisions of the many cases I took the initiative to share CQ Powersport Batteries Manual which guides the use of the book explains the good battery and safe.

I have read and take a review for SAFE CHARGING
Before beginning the charging operation, read and follow the instructions that come with the charger.
Never attempt to charge a battery without first reviewing the instructions for the charger being
used. In addition to the charger manufacturer’s instructions, these general precautions should be followed:
• Always charge batteries in a well-ventilated area and wear proper eye protection.
• Turn the charger and timer “OFF” before connecting the leads to the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.
• To avoid an explosion, never try to charge a visibly damaged or frozen battery.
• Connect the charger leads to the battery; red positive (+) lead to the positive (+) terminal and black negative (–) lead to the negative (–) terminal. If the battery is still in the vehicle, connect the negative lead to the engine block, away from the battery, to serve as a ground. (If the vehicle is positive grounded, connect the positive lead to the engine block.)
• Make sure that the leads to the connections are tight.
• Set the timer, turn the charger on and slowly increase the charging rate until the desired ampere value is reached.
• If the battery becomes hot or if violent gassing or spewing of electrolyte occurs, reduce the charging rate or temporarily halt the charger.
• Always turn the charger “OFF” before removing charger leads from the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.

you can download it on this page. remember that CQ Powersport Batteries Manual is available for free on the official website I did not save anything on the server. I hope my writing can bernfaat for those of you who are in need of information usage in particular CQ battery Powersport Batteries. 

Diagram and factory carb specifications GSX-R 750

On the forums Rob (Old Skool_R), has written a comprehensive guide to the introduction of the carburetor. and I am sure you will need his guide because it contains very helpful at all especially for the owners of Suzuki GSX-R. He describes in detail step by step how to perform maintenance and repairs on the carburetor.

if you want this guide can be found on this page, do not forget to visit the official page for lots of other interesting information that would be useful for you.

1991 gsxr 750 Wiring diagrams

hello how are you and what your motorcycle reportedly also, if you are the owner of 1991 gsxr 750 and need a wiring diagram for your vehicle identification? if you have problems on a motorcycle repair shop that is certainly there in your mind. but if for trivial things such as the electrical system I think you are able to solve it yourself. and here I share a 1991 gsxr 750 wiring diagrams will help you know the parts of your motorcycle. take a look the the image below. hopefully can help.

1991 gsxr 750 wiring diagrams

1980 C and K Model Fuse Blocks

1980 C and K Model Fuse Blocks

A - Choke
B - Fuse - Heater / Air Cond.
C - Receptacle - Accessory
D - Receptacle - Ignition ( key on power)
E - Fuse - Auxillary Heater / AC
F - Fuse - Instrument Cluster Feed (gauges)
H - Fuse - Tail Lights, Courtesy Lamps
I - Fuse - Wipers
J - Fuse - Horn
K - Receptacle - Power Accessories & other Accessories
L - Receptacle - Battery (constant power)
N - Not Used P - Fuse - Turn Signals, Reversing Lamps
R - Fuse - Fuse - Radio & TCS (Idle)
X - Receptacle - LOS
Z -Fuse - Stop (brake) Lights, Traffic Hazard Flashers

This is a continuation of a previous post about chevy fuse box diagram, and you can see below is the diagram for the model 1980 is a little different, but if you've experienced will not confuse you. I attach a joint statement. hopefully can help.

Chevy/Chevrolet And GMC Fuse Box Diagram

Hi, today im gona tell you where fuse box located on chevy truck. most mechanic or personal person really ned this Chevy Fuse Box Diagram bicause it will tell lost of information about electrical on vehicle. mean this fuse can be center of all electrical.

really im not kidding, if you are owner of chevy truck you should be know what must to do if you got problem on light lamp right? im sure first you will check the fuse box. and hope can be done on that box lol.. take a look the diagram below
Chevrolet And GMC 1977 And 1980 C and K Model Fuse Blocks

A - Fuse - Traffic Hazard
B - Fuse - Tail, Stop Courtesy Lamps
C - Receptacle - TP2 /M40
D - Fuse - Radio & TCS
F - Receptacle - C91/UF2 (Cargo Area Lamp)/U35/U37
G - Fuse - Heater / Air Cond.
H - Receptacle - C62
I - Fuse - Accessory
J - Fuse - Panel Lights
K - Receptacle - NL2/A33/U16 (Tachometer)
M - Receptacle - Accessory Lamps
N - Not Used
O - Fuse - Reversing Lamps
P - Fuse - Instrument Cluster Feed