Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chevy/Chevrolet And GMC Fuse Box Diagram

Hi, today im gona tell you where fuse box located on chevy truck. most mechanic or personal person really ned this Chevy Fuse Box Diagram bicause it will tell lost of information about electrical on vehicle. mean this fuse can be center of all electrical.

really im not kidding, if you are owner of chevy truck you should be know what must to do if you got problem on light lamp right? im sure first you will check the fuse box. and hope can be done on that box lol.. take a look the diagram below
Chevrolet And GMC 1977 And 1980 C and K Model Fuse Blocks

A - Fuse - Traffic Hazard
B - Fuse - Tail, Stop Courtesy Lamps
C - Receptacle - TP2 /M40
D - Fuse - Radio & TCS
F - Receptacle - C91/UF2 (Cargo Area Lamp)/U35/U37
G - Fuse - Heater / Air Cond.
H - Receptacle - C62
I - Fuse - Accessory
J - Fuse - Panel Lights
K - Receptacle - NL2/A33/U16 (Tachometer)
M - Receptacle - Accessory Lamps
N - Not Used
O - Fuse - Reversing Lamps
P - Fuse - Instrument Cluster Feed

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