Thursday, September 19, 2013

CQ Batteries Powersport Manual

CQ Batteries Powersport Manual
Use of motorcycle batteries in excess can lead to over-load or excess power and can lead to short-circuiting. Then a battery company never advised to use the battery outside the provisions of the many cases I took the initiative to share CQ Powersport Batteries Manual which guides the use of the book explains the good battery and safe.

I have read and take a review for SAFE CHARGING
Before beginning the charging operation, read and follow the instructions that come with the charger.
Never attempt to charge a battery without first reviewing the instructions for the charger being
used. In addition to the charger manufacturer’s instructions, these general precautions should be followed:
• Always charge batteries in a well-ventilated area and wear proper eye protection.
• Turn the charger and timer “OFF” before connecting the leads to the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.
• To avoid an explosion, never try to charge a visibly damaged or frozen battery.
• Connect the charger leads to the battery; red positive (+) lead to the positive (+) terminal and black negative (–) lead to the negative (–) terminal. If the battery is still in the vehicle, connect the negative lead to the engine block, away from the battery, to serve as a ground. (If the vehicle is positive grounded, connect the positive lead to the engine block.)
• Make sure that the leads to the connections are tight.
• Set the timer, turn the charger on and slowly increase the charging rate until the desired ampere value is reached.
• If the battery becomes hot or if violent gassing or spewing of electrolyte occurs, reduce the charging rate or temporarily halt the charger.
• Always turn the charger “OFF” before removing charger leads from the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.

you can download it on this page. remember that CQ Powersport Batteries Manual is available for free on the official website I did not save anything on the server. I hope my writing can bernfaat for those of you who are in need of information usage in particular CQ battery Powersport Batteries. 

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